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Lady Participate 059
May 15, 2018
Name: Abbey Bender    ::    Occupation: Writer    ::    City: New York    ::    Astrological sign: Taurus
Ladies we should know: Monica CastilloKristen Yoonsoo KimMiriam BaleSarah MarshallHazel Cills
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Lady Participate 058
April 30, 2018
Name: Nadine Jane      ::    Occupation: Astrologist     ::     Age: 25   ::     City: New York City    ::    Astrological sign: Aquarius 
Ladies we should know: Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur_), Sarah Nicole Prickett (@snpsnpsnp), Helen Steed (@hesteed), Kate Hoyle (@katherinejules)
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Lady Participate 057
April 23, 2018
Name: Rachel Handler   //   Occupation: Movie Editor, Vulture   //   Age: 30   //   City: New York   //   Astrological sign: Leo
Ladies we should know: Emily Yoshida (film critic, Vulture), Samantha Irby (writer, author), Sarah Gouda (speech writer for Cecile Richards), Jennifer Jackson (TV writer for “My Cartoon President”)
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Lady Participate 056
April 16, 2018
Name: Marie-Sophie Lockhart    //   Occupation: Embroiderer /artist /business women   //   Age: 33   //   City: Brooklyn    //   Astrological sign: Aquarius 
Ladies we should know: know yourself
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Lady Participate 055
April 9, 2018
Name: Eva Goicochea   //    Occupation: Co-Founder / CEO   //   Age: 35   //    City: New York City   //    Astrological sign: Leo
Ladies we should know: CommunalMarbury
Name: Dina Epstein   //   Occupation: Co-Founder / CPO   //    Age: 31   //   City: New York City / LA   //   Astrological sign: Libra
Ladies we should know: The Hell Yeah GroupPunodostres 
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Lady Participate 054
April 2, 2018
Name: Meika Hollender // Occupation: Co-Founder and CEO of Sustain Natural // Age: 30 // City:  New York // Astrological sign: Scorpio
Ladies we should know: Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers, Heidi Zak from ThirdLove
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Lady Participate 053
March 26, 2018
Name: Shauna Barbosa   //   Occupation: Writer   //   Age: 29   //   City: Los Angeles via Boston   //  Astrological sign: Gemini
Ladies we should know: Yourself and Patricia Smith (poet).
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Lady Participate 052
March 19, 2018
Name: Gabriella Paiella    ::    Occupation: Senior Writer at The Cut, New York Magazine's site for women    ::    Age: 28    ::    City: New York City    ::   Astrological sign: Gemini
Ladies we should know: Anna Hezel, food writer and my co-creator in some truly deranged stuff for Lucky Peach (R.I.P.), Claire Comstock-Gay, who writes dreamy weekly horoscopes for The Cut as Madame Clairevoyant. And professional kitten rescuer Hannah Shaw, because she's a professional kitten rescuer.
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Lady Participate 051
March 12, 2018
Name: Ann Friedman    ::    Occupation: Writer and podcaster    ::    Age: 36    ::    City: Los Angeles, CA    ::    Astrological sign: Capricorn
Ladies we should know: Aminatou Sow is better at the internet than anyone else I know. Lara Shipley is an incredible photographer. Kenesha Sneed makes the most beautiful ceramics and illustrations. Beth Pickens helps artists get paid and do their best work. Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs is a mindblowing musician and performance artist. Myisha Battle coaches people to live sexier lives. Virgie Tovar preaches the gospel of losing hate, not weight. Jacque Boltik is an email sorceress who singlehandedly saved my newsletter. Katie Blair is protecting civil rights in the Midwest. Gina Delvacis a powerful podcast witch. Gracy Obuchowicz really gets self-care. (How many women can I name? I can go on and on and on and on...)
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Lady Participate 050
October 9, 2017
Name: Jocelyn Tsaih    ::     Occupation: Illustrator/Animator::     City: New York City ::     Find me on the web: instagram     ::     Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Ladies we should know: Marina EsmeraldoUinversoPaulina HoRachel Jo
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Lady Participate 049
October 2, 2017
Name: Brittany Holloway-Brown     ::    Occupation: Illustrator & designer::    Age: 28::   City: Brooklyn, NY::    IG:    ::    Astrological sign: Gemini sunLibra rising
Ladies we should know: Oriana Koren, a photographer in Los Angeles, Bianca Xunise, a comic artist in Chicago and Fanta Sylla, a cultural critic from France
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Lady Participate 048
September 25, 2017
Name: Wendy Red Star    ::    Occupation: Visual Artist    ::    Age: 36    ::    City: Portland    ::    Astrological sign: Aries
Ladies we should know: Our grandmothers our ancestors
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Lady Participate 047
September 18, 2017
Name: Jane Claire Hervey     ::    Occupation: Creative producer, activist, performing artist    ::   Age: 24 years old    ::    City: Austin, Texas     ::    Astrological sign: Gemini
Ladies we should know: Chanté Linwood of Cliché Collective in Chicago, comedian and filmmaker Evelyn Ngugi and our projects and ops lead at #bossbabesATX, Maureen Nicol!
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Lady Participate 046
September 11, 2017
Name: Rachel Kauder Nalebuff   ::    Occupation: playwright / publisher    ::    Age: 27    ::    City: Brooklyn, NY
Ladies we should know: All my friends inspire me. I am going to pick five for you today. Cassie Da Costa (cultural critic), Aleshea Harris (playwright), Sallie Merkel (I don't know how to categorize her she is everything. Okay maybe an artist and an activist), Aya Ogawa (playwright and translator) and Emily Mast (artist) are inspirations for me as artists and as people.
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Lady Participate 045
September 4, 2017
Name: Jacqueline Goss    ::    Occupation: Filmmaker, Teacher, Mother    ::    Age: 50    ::    City: Tivoli, NY    ::    Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Ladies we should know: Sofi ThanhauserSamantha HuntNancy AndrewsLana LinJennifer MontgomeryLee Lozano, Talia Eshel, Belkis Ayón
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Lady Participate 044
August 28, 2017
Name:  Natalie O’Moore    ::    Occupation: Photographer    ::    Age: 25    ::    City: Los Angeles, CA    ::    Astrological sign: Libra
Ladies we should know: Cara StrickerDiana IrvineMadeline O'MooreKatie McCurdyDana Marcolina
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Lady Participate 043
August 21, 2017
Name: Willa Köerner    ::    Occupation: Director of Curation & Content at Kickstarter, also a writer, editor, artist and curator in any and all combinations    ::    Age: 30    ::    City: Brooklyn, NY    ::    Astrological sign: Pisces
Ladies we should know: So many! Too many to name. A few who are killin’ it right now: Josette Melchor of Gray AreaJulia Kaganskiy of NEW INC, artists Morehshin AllahyariIngrid BurringtonAddie Wagenknecht, and Jenny Sharaf. My friends and co-workers Glory Edim of Well Read Black Girl, and Lena Imamura of NAMEGLOMelissa Wong of New Women Space. Also my friends Katie Goldman McDonald of House Dress, and Arden Sherman of COUSIN, who both just launched their own fashion lines. I’m leaving so many ladies out. I love all the women in my life who inspire me to work harder and hustle more to make sh*t happen.
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Lady Participate 042
August 14, 2017
Name: Haley Mlotek    ::    Occupation: Style Editor, MTV News    ::    City: New York    ::    Astrological sign: Cancer with a Taurus moon and Taurus rising
Ladies we should know: Doreen St. FelixJazmine HughesDurga Chew-BoseDarcie WilderNaomi SkwarnaGabby NooneLiz RaissAnna Fitzpatrick
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Lady Participate 041
August 7, 2017
Name: Nijla Mu'min    ::    Occupation: Writer & Filmmaker    ::    City: Oakland & Los Angeles     ::    Astrological sign: cancer
Ladies we should know: Nikyatu Jusu (director), Aleshea Harris (playwright), DeWanda Wise (actress)
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Lady Participate 040
July 31, 2017
Name: Amy Lombard    ::    Occupation: Photographer    ::    Age: 26     :    City: Brooklyn, NY (but soon, Queens)
Ladies we should know: Illustrator Amanda Lanzone, art director/prop stylist Melissa Stammer, designer Elysia Berman, photographer Wendy Strauss
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Lady Participate 039
July 24, 2017
Name: Jennifer May Reiland    ::    Occupation: I'm a painter and I work in a travel bookstore    ::     Age: 27     ::      City: New York City    ::     Instagram: @jennifermayreiland    ::    Astrological Sign: Cancer
Ladies we should know: I like to listen to podcasts while I draw and two of my favorites are hosted and written by women. They are You Must Remember This (hosted by Karina Longworth) and Science Vs. (hosted by Wendy Zukerman).Some female artists working now that I like are Jenna RansomAurel Schmidt, and Jenny Morgan. I also love this Spanish photographer Barbara Vidal.
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Lady Participate 038
July 17, 2017
Name: Elana Lyn Gross    ::    Occupation: marketer, journalist, founder    ::    City: New York City
Ladies we should know: Kate GremillionReese EvansEmily MerrellLily Herman
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Lady Participate 037
July 10, 2017
Name: Claire Wasserman     ::     Occupation: Founder of Ladies Get Paid      ::      Age: 30     ::     City:Brooklyn and Portland (Maine!)
Ladies we should know: Mara Binudin of Secret Code and Alessandra Biaggi, formerly of Hillary's campaign.
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Lady Participate 036
July 3, 2017
Name: Saskia Ketz    ::     Occupation: Publisher of A Women’s Thing magazine     ::     Age: 35     ::     City:NYC, originally from Berlin, Germany     ::     Astrological sign: Pisces, Gemini rising
Ladies we should know: Just get a copy of AWT – all ladies we should know!
Name: Rachel Hurn    ::    Occupation: Writer; Culture Editor at Departures magazine; Executive Editor at A Women's Thing   ::    Age: 30    ::    City: New York City
Ladies we should know: Sarah GerardGenevieve WalkerJamie YuengerElizabeth Karp-EvansAmy Gall
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Lady Participate 035
June 26, 2017
NameNaima Green    ::    Occupation: Artist    ::    Age: 27    ::    City: Brooklyn    ::     Astrological signAquarius 
Ladies we should knowSade JosephKameelah Janan Rasheed, and Remi Onabanjo 
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Lady Participate 034
June 19, 2017
Name: Natalia Leite     ::    Occupation: Fillmmaker     ::    City: New York    ::    Astrological sign:Libra Moon & Sag rising
Ladies we should know: My co-writer on my next project, Liz Armstrong.
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Lady Participate 033
June 12, 2017
NameAmanda Stosz    ::    Occupation: Creative Director, Got a Girl Crush Magazine, Photographer and Retoucher    ::     Age: 32    ::     City: Brooklyn, NY    ::    Astrological sign: Extremely Taurus
Ladies we should know: Jane Claire Hervey from Bossbabes ATX, Shydeia Caldwell of Black Girl MagikLindsay Eyth of Eythink 
NameMeg Wachter    ::     Occupation: Editor-in-chief, Got a Girl Crush Magazine      ::     Age: 34 ::     City: Brooklyn, NY     :::      Astrological sign: Taurus/Gemini cusp
Ladies we should know: Larissa GreenAnna Maria WolfMindy AbovitzMacKenzie PeckTaylor YatesKristen Felicitti
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Lady Participate 032
June 5, 2017
Name: Stacey Tran    ::    Occupation: Writer    ::    Age: 26::    City: Portland, OR    ::    Astrological sign: Taurus sunCancer moonCancer rising
Ladies we should know: Christine Shan Shan HouCL YoungDao StromMary Anne CarterMelika BelhajMuriel Leung and Vi Khi Nao
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Lady Participate 031
May 29, 2017
Name: Adrienne Truscott    ::    Occupation: Performance Artist/Writer/Choreographer    ::    City:Brooklyn    ::    Astrological sign: Scorpio
Ladies who we should know: Amanda DuarteCarolyn CastigliaBetty GrumbleLisa Fa'alafiGillian WalshSophia Cleary from the band Penis, Kathryn MusilekJustin Vivian BondMeow MeowMaggie NelsonUrsula MartinezZoe Coombs Marr
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Lady Participate 030
May 22, 2017
Name: Rebecca Woolf    ::    Occupation: Writer/Filmmaker    ::    Age: 35    ::     City: Los Angeles    ::    Astrological sign: Gemini
Ladies we should know: Female Collective on Instagram (founded by Candace Reels.)
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Lady Participate 029
May 15, 2017
Name: Yumna Al-Arashi    ::    Occupation: Photographer    ::     Age: 28    ::    City: No where/ everywhere    ::     Astrological sign: Scorpio
Ladies we should know: Saada AhmedMegan FentonTK MaddenZeyna SyDanielle RedmanPavielle GarciaArshia Fatima HaqLina Misitzis
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Lady Participate 028
May 8, 2017
Name: Leah Goren    ::    Occupation: Illustrator    ::    Age: 28     ::    City: Brooklyn, NY    ::  Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Ladies who we should know: my BFFs Chelsey Pettyjohn and Kaye Blegvad
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Lady Participate 027
May 1, 2017
Name: Britt Julious    ::    Occupation: Writer    ::    City: Chicago (and spiritually, New Orleans)    ::    Astrological sign: Libra sunLibra risingScorpio rising
Ladies who we should know: Lakshmi RamgopalJamala Johns & Brittany Brown
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Lady Participate 026
April 27, 2017
Name: Stephanie Alys    ::    Occupation: Co-founder, Chief Pleasure Officer at MysteryVibe    ::    Age: 27    ::    City: London
Ladies who we should know: Polly Rodriguez (Unbound); Bryony Cole (Future of Sex); Tania Boler(Elvie); Alix Fox (Journalist)
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Lady Participate 025
April 24, 2017
Name: Melissa Alam    ::    Occupation: Founder/CEO of Femme & Fortune and The Fearless Conference    ::    Age: 28    ::     City: Philadelphia, PA    ::    Astrological sign: Leo!
Ladies we should know: Too many to name but here are a few! Candace of Studio MeroeCheyenne Gil, Allie Lehman of The Wonder Jam, and Lizzy Okoro of BunchMag.
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Lady Participate 024
April 20, 2017
Name: Melanie Goldsmith    ::    Occupation: Co-Founder & Managing Director of Smith & Sinclair    ::    Age: 27    ::    City: London    ::    Astrological sign: Aries
Ladies who we should know: Anita Roddick, Founder of the Body Shop
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Lady Participate 023
April 17, 2017
Name: Vanessa Renwick (silent w)    ::    Occupation: artist    ::    Age: 55    ::    City: Portland (Oregon)
Ladies who we should know: Lori DamianoTara Jane ONeilMarisa AndersonDani LeventhalLibby Werbel who founded Portland Museum of Modern Art, Amy Harwood who founded Signal Fire, Erika Wanenmacher and Moe Bowstern
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Lady Participate 022
April 13, 2017
Name: Jazz Adam    ::    Occupation: Musician / Show Curator    ::    Age: 25    ::    City: Philadelphia    ::    Astrological sign: LEO !
Ladies we should know: Laetitia Tamko, the front person of / creative force behind a band called Vagabon
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Lady Participate 021
April 10, 2017
Name:  Deborah Stratman    ::    Occupation: artist / filmmaker / teacher    ::    City: Chicago    ::    Astrological sign: Virgo
Ladies who we should know: Clarice LispectorQueen Mother MooreBarbara LodenEtel AdnanAgnes VardaOctavia Butler
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Lady Participate 020
April 6, 2017
Name: Megan-Elizabeth Thomas    ::     Occupation: Communications Strategist, Co-founder of Flock Global and Full Fat PR    ::    Age: 29    ::     City: London    ::    Find me on the web: @tiniebutmighty (twitter) @missmeganthomas (insta)    ::    Astrological sign: 
Ladies who we should know: Nikki Armytage-Foy - amazing woman that runs Electric Woman, a network of women's groups that really connect help women be confident about who they are, their direction and to be more powerful. 
Harriet Minter - A hilarious writer with a great newsletter and Radio show, Badass Womans Hour, with two other epic humans, Emma Sexton, co-founder of Flock Global and Natalie Campbell, founder of 
Melanie Goldsmith - Owner of Smith & Sinclair, a phenomenal brand of sweets that are made from alcohol, watch this space they're great! 
Amy Thomson - About to launch something that is going to change the way women understand their bodies, Lunar & Flo, follow them on socials for updates. 
Poppy Chancellor - Wonderful artist, friend and general person. She makes stunning and culturally on point Papercuts, check them out here
Ella McWilliam  - Co-founder of Full Fat PR and general partner in crime when it comes to business, very exciting for 2017! 
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Lady Participate 019
April 3, 2017
Name: Rachel Libeskind    ::    Occupation: Artist    ::    Age: 28::    City: Brooklyn, NY    ::    Astrological sign: Pisces (sun & moon)
Ladies who we should know: Fabiola Alondra & Jane Harmon, curators of the new Fortnight Institute on East 4th Street.
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Lady Participate 018
March 30, 2017
Name: Sophia Le Fraga   ::   Occupation: Struggling to take it easy   ::   Age: 26   ::   City: New York City   ::   Astrological sign: Gemini
Ladies we should know: This is the spot where one name drops one's friends, no? Francesca CaponeRin JohnsonMartine SymsDana KopelDiana Hamilton
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Lady Participate 017
March 27, 2017
Name: Sydney Lowe    ::    Occupation: Producer, photographer & cartographer of the human heart. Founder of the female art collective, Art Girl Army    ::    City: Los Angeles & Brooklyn
Ladies we should know: Rae Sanni (comedian), Caroline Kaufman (fashion & textile designer!), Sam Bailey (filmmaker), Esther Fan & Olivia Park of SAD ASIAN GIRLS, and Tiffany Mallery (illustrator)
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Lady Participate 016
March 23, 2017
Name: Shatara Michelle Ford    ::    Occupation: Filmmaker & Social Entrepreneur    ::    City: Los Angeles     ::    Astrological sign: Gemini
Ladies who we should know: I've got music on the brain, so I would like to highlight Nerdcore rapper, SAMMUS, and Neo-Disco queen, Gavin Turek. Also, the gritty visual poetry and photography of Joss Barton.
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Lady Participate 015
March 20, 2017
Name: Elisabeth Subrin   ::   Occupation: Filmmaker/artist/professor   ::   City: Brooklyn
Ladies we should know: Sarah JonesJackie GendelBecca AlbeeKimberly KaeAnnie SeatonLana Lin & my sisters (Jennifer & Julie)
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Lady Participate 014
March 16, 2017
Name: Samantha Nye    ::    Occupation: Artist    ::    Age: 36    ::    City: Manhattan    ::    Astrological sign: Virgo
Ladies who we should know: Emily Wells- musician, Sara Stern- Artist, Adriana Papaleo- Fashion/Hair artist, Jessica Martinez- Artist & Yasi Alipour- Artist
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Lady Participate 013
March 13, 2017
Name: Marisa Crawford    ::    Occupation: Writer, poet, founder of    ::    Age: 34    ::    City: Brooklyn, NY    ::    Astrological sign: Gemini
Ladies who we should know: Leila Ortiz whose poetry chapbook Girl Life comes out this month. Trace Peterson who created and taught the first-ever college course on transgender poetry. Juliana Delgado Lopera who is an amazing writer and executive director of the queer arts organization RADAR Productions.
Name: Naomi Extra    ::    Occupation: writer/editor at Weird Sister/doctoral student    ::    Age: 33    ::    City: Jersey City, NJ    ::    Astrological sign: Cancer
Ladies who we should know: Kristiana Rae ColonJazzmeia HornAshley Baccus-Clark
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Lady Participate 012
March 9, 2017
Name: Sharon Madanes    ::    Occupation: artist    ::    Age: 31    ::    City: New York
Ladies who we should know: Lily Rothman (writer), Anna Altman (writer), Kate Casey (furniture maker), Genesis Belanger (sculptor), Gahee Park (painter) & Hannah Burnett (anthropologist)
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Lady Participate 011
March 6, 2017
Name: Justine Williams    ::    Occupation: Creator-Performer, Educator::   Age: 40   ::   City:Brooklyn    ::    Astrological sign: Cancer (sun), Aries (moon), Aquarius (rising)
Ladies we should know: Here’s a few gems: Erin MarkeyAdaku UtahToshi ReagonAla Dehghan
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Lady Participate 010
March 2, 2017
Name: Caroline Prager Conrad   ::   Occupation: Filmmaker and Artist   ::  Age: 25   ::   City: Brooklyn, NY   ::   Astrological sign: AquariusScorpio rising  
Ladies we should know: Sam Escobar is gender-nonconforming writer whose personal essays and opinions pieces have been published on Good HousekeepingEsquire, and Observer. They are an advocate for LGBTQ rights, selfies, and dad jokes on Twitter.
Sydney Lowe is a producer and photographer and founder of the Art Girl Army, a bicoastal art collective with over 2,000 members. Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia (PhotoVogue), Refinery29, and the PhotoVogue Art + Commerce collection.
Amber Discko was on the digital organizing and social strategy team for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and founded Femsplain, a publication dedicated to amplifying the voices of trans/cis women and gender-nonconforming individuals.
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Lady Participate 009
February 27, 2017
Name: Adinah Dancyger   ::   Occupation: Filmmaker   ::   Age: 23   ::   City: New York City
Ladies who we should know: Zia AngerMilah LibinVictoria CroninDevon HeadMaia Ruth LeeCaroline ConradNina RyserLayla AlterIndia Menuez & Carmen Hall
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Lady Participate 008
February 20, 2017
Name: Emma Ressel  ::  Occupation: Photographer  ::  Age: 22  ::  City: Bar Harbor, Maine  ::  Astrological sign: Leo
Ladies we should to know: Deb PerelmanMargot KalachRosa Swartzburg & Taryn Simon
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Lady Participate 007
February 13, 2017
Name: Carolyn Lazard   ::   Occupation: Artist and writer   ::   Age: 29   ::   City: Philadelphia   ::   Astrological sign: Cancer sunCancer ascendantScorpio moon.
Ladies who we should know: Salty is a scrappy punk band that makes songs about patriarchy and white supremacy. Naima Green is a brilliant photographer who makes intimate images that address representations of race and the landscape. Vilissa Thompson is a fierce racial justice and disability justice advocate.
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Lady Participate 006
February 6, 2017
Name: Palberta (Ani, Nina, Lily)   //   Occupation: Rock n roll baby   //   City: Brooklyn and Philly
Ladies who we should know: Jazz Adam - front guitar/vocals of the band Old Maybe. She is also the co-founder of All Mutable, a Philly-based booking collective that focuses on lineups that represent and attract those who are under-represented in the music scene, including but not limited to POC, queer identified, trans identified, and those who identify as non-binary. Christina Schneider - guitar shredder and vocalist in CE Schneider TopicalJepeto Solutions, and Eyes of Love, among many other amazing projects. Wendy Vanity - sick video artist.
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Lady Participate 005
January 30, 2017
Name: LA Warman   //   Occupation: Teacher   //   Age: 27   //   City: Amherst, MA   //   Astrological sign: Virgo sunlibra moonleo rising
Ladies we should know: Alex SchmidtNatalia PanzerDiamond StingilyStacey TranAeliana NicoleHannah BlackChelsea Hogue, RRLEW
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Lady Participate 004
January 23, 2017
Name: Melissa Wong   //   Occupation: Co-Founder of New Women Space   //   Age: 29   //   City:Brooklyn
Ladies who we should know: Tracy Candido from Lady BossJasmine Imani from Collective XXSydney Lowe from Art Girl ArmyOlivia Jane from Lady Art NYC & Meg Watcher and Amanda Stosz from Got a Girl Crush Magazine
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Lady Participate 003
January 16, 2017
Name: Sula Fay Bermudez-Silverman   //   Occupation: Student/ artist   //   Age: 24 //   City: New Haven, Connecticut   //   Astrological sign: Capricorn
Ladies who we should know: Gai Gherardi
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Lady Participate 002
January 9, 2017
Name: Saara Untracht-Oakner   //   Occupation: Musician, artist, bartender   //   Age: 29 //   City:Brooklyn   //   Astrological sign: Aquarius 
Ladies who we should know: Marie Sophie-Lockhart (Lockhart Embroidery), Rahill Jamalifard (RoyaHabibi)
Name: Chase Noelle   //   Occupation: drummer //   City: Nashville
Ladies who we should know: boytoy
Name: Glenn Michael Van Dyke   //   Occupation: musician/schemer   //   Age: 26   //   City:Jacksonville/Brooklyn/LA    //   Astrological sign: Capricorn/Aquarius cusp
Ladies who we should know: Rin Johnson @rindonjohnsonFabi Reyna (She Shreds Magazine@sheshredsmag
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Lady Participate 001
January 2, 2017
Name: Tayarisha Poe   //   Occupation: writer, filmmaker, photographer   //   Age: 26   //   City: Philly, PA   //   Instagram: @tayarishasaurusrex   //   Astrological sign: pisces
Ladies we should know: Anna Rose HolmerNicole RainteauAngela Bey!
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